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10 Things to do in Las Vegas

Is it your first time in Vegas? Get ready for an epic adventure that includes some of the best attractions in the world, performances from top Hollywood celebrities, and of course a bit of gambling in high-end casinos and hotels. Without further to do, let us introduce you to our list of top 10 things to do in Vegas.


  1. Go to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Located just seventeen miles west of the city, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a perfect place for biking, hiking, and enjoying beautiful views of the Mojave Desert. With its sandstone red cliffs and desert vegetation, Red Rock is also home to many species of animals and plants. Don’t miss the interactive visitor center where you can learn a bit more about the area. Visitors who wish to hike or bike are advised to plan their route in the advance, due to the fact that some trails can be difficult and steep for beginners. Also, don’t forget to bring a lot of water and sunscreen.


  1. Check out the Fountains of Bellagio

Want to see streams of water shooting into the air? Come to Fountains of Bellagio where the fun never stops while you are watching the magical dancing waters. A list of songs is playing during each show that begins on work days from 3 PM. The good news is that the performances are free of charge and from the sidewalk; visitors have a perfect view of the fountain show. Many call this event the best free attraction in the city.


  1. See the Wynn Las Vegas Casino

No visit to Las Vegas is complete without checking out one of the most interesting casinos on the Strip skyline, the Wynn Las Vegas Casino. It is famous for its fabulous entertainment program, upscale restaurants and celebrity chefs, the popular Wynn Theater, and multimedia shows at the Lake of Dreams. Visitors can also see the amazing manmade mountain and try their luck at one out of the 1,900 slots in the casino.


  1. Take a Ride on the High Roller Ferris wheel

Located just off the strip at the end of the Linq Promenade, High Roller Ferris wheel is 550 feet high and offers amazing views of the strip and the surrounding areas. One full rotation of the wheel takes around 30 minutes and each cabin can fit up to 40 people. Most of the visitors say the best time to go on a ride is at night when the city shines with all of its light.


  1. Go see the Strip

You’ve all probably already heard about the famous Strip in Las Vegas and how this 2.5-mile long section is a must-visit place for every tourist. It stretches out from the Mandalay Bay Hotel to the Treasure Island Hotel and is home to a number of casinos, entertainment palaces, performance venues, and hotels. Walking along the strip is by far the most popular option since all of the casinos are close to one another. Impressive at night with glittering neon signs, the Strip is definitely one of the top spots in Las Vegas.


  1. Explore the Fremont Street

Fremont Street in Las Vegas is famous for its less-frequented casinos and hotels, but at the same time offers plenty of excitement and a variety of entertainment programs, food stands, and budget-friendly hotels. This pedestrian walkway stretches several blocks from the Mob Museum and attracts thousands of tourists, especially in the evenings.


  1. Enjoy in Helicopter Rides over Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

If you are looking for spectacular views of the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, make sure to book one of the many available helicopter tours in the city. It is a perfect way to explore Las Vegas, especially if you are not planning to stay long in the city and just don’t have time to visit all of the attractions in one day. There are several companies that provide helicopter tours in the city, but be aware that this adventure is a bit on the expensive side.


  1. Go on a thrill ride from the Stratosphere Tower

The tallest freestanding tower in the country, the Stratosphere Tower is 350 meters high and features an amazing observation deck that offers panoramic views of the city. The good news is that the observatory is open until 1 AM, which means you can come here late in the evening to enjoy all of the city’s lights. There is more to Stratosphere Tower than just enjoying the view. Visitors can go on thrill rides and see how it feels to be dangled off the side of the building. If you find these rides vanilla, you can go to one of the highest free falls in the world, the Sky Jump.


  1. Head out to the Hoover Dam

Welcoming more than a million visitors each year, Hoover Dam is one of the most famous landmarks in North America. This concrete structure together with the largest reservoir in the country Lake Mead, helped a lot in providing power to states like California and Nevada for over 90 years. Today, there is a visitor’s center where you can go on a guided tour and learn about the history of this place while watching short films and using photos. The third floor of the observation area offers amazing views of the Hoover Dam.


  1. Visit the Mob Museum

Telling the story of organized crime in the United States, The Mob Museum is a real treat for everyone who is interested in learning how it was back in the day when the mob was in charge or everything. This non-profit museum features interactive activities, theater presentations and other exhibits that showcase the history of famous people like Whitey Bulger and Al Capone. Of course, you can also hear a thing or two about the law enforcement agents including Joe Pistone who was on an undercover mission to bring down the leaders of the mob.

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