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10 Things to do in Prague

Rich in history and culture, Prague is one of the most visited cities in Europe and offers hundreds of sightseeing options. There are a number of churches, castles, museums, and other historical places worth visiting. To make things easier for you, we have come up with a list of top 10 things to do while staying in Prague.


  1. Prague Castle

Prague Castle is definitely one of the most visited attractions in the city. It is also the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic. It will probably take you a day or two to check out all of the attractions that this place has to offer, but make sure to explore the Old Royal Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral, and St. George’s Basilica. Don’t forget to visit the Royal Garden which dates back to the 16 century and houses several interesting buildings like the Royal Summer House, Lion’s Court, and the Ball Game Pavilion. The good news is that guided tours are available in the English language.


  1. Old Town Square

Crowded with locals and tourists, Old Town Square is located close to Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square. A mixture of architectural styles including Rococo, Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque is what makes the Old Town Square an interesting spot for many of its visitors. Sit in one of the outdoor cafes right at the square, stop and take a photo of a statue of Jan Hus, and explore all the cool buildings in the area including the Tyn Cathedral, Old Town Hall, and others.


  1. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is 600-years old and connects Lesser town and Old Town. The original Judith Bridge was destroyed in 1342 by a flood and, in 1357 King Charles IV decided to commission the bridge. Today, visitors will find a number of performance artists, local vendors, and musicians on this pedestrian bridge. It is one of the most iconic landmarks in the city and Charles Bridge is always full of tourists taking pictures and checking out performances from local artists. On each side of the bridge, there is a tower that offers spectacular views of the city.


  1. Vitus Cathedral

The largest Christian church in all of Prague, St. Vitus Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Prague and a resting place for several Bohemian kings. The cathedral was founded in 1344, but it took over 500 years to complete it which resulted in a mix of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque style.  Some of the highlights include the Last Judgment mosaic, stained glass windows, and the famous St. Wenceslas Chapel. Visitors can climb up the 97-meter high tower for spectacular views of Prague. If you are extremely lucky, you will have a chance to see the Czech crown jewels on display at the cathedral. The downside is that they are exhibited approximately once every 8 years.


  1. See the Tyn Church

Located at the Old Town Square, Tyn Church was created by Petr Parler and Matthias of Arras and it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Prague. Originally, it was built in the 11th century as a Romanesque church for merchants from abroad who came to the city for trade. Inside the church, there are a number of artworks in Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque styles. Admission fee is voluntary and sightseeing is not possible during masses.


  1. See the Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock

The Old Town Hall is home to the amazing Astronomical Clock from the 15 century. If you are wondering why they are hundreds of people gathering in front of the Old Town Hall and looking at the sky every hour, they are waiting for the clock to come to life and for the figures of 12 Apostles to appear and do their circle around the clock face. Some of the other attractions at the Old Town Hall include the Gothic doorway that leads to a room full of art exhibits.


  1. Prague Zoo

One of the top zoological parks in the world, the Prague Zoo opened its doors back in 1931 and is a quite popular attraction among both locals and tourists. Located in the suburbs of Prague, this amazing zoo spreads through 143-acres of land and houses nearly 5000 animals including around 700 species, from which some are close to extinction. Make sure to ride a chairlift that offers fantastic views of this natural animal kingdom. The indoor tropical jungle is also one of the attractions definitely worth visiting here at the Prague Zoo.


  1. Mala Strana

Lesser town district or Mala Strana dates back to the 13th century when it was a royal town. This historic district is home to a number of parks, gardens, palaces, and squares. Wallenstein Palace and St. Nicholas Church are the two main attractions, while Nerudova Street is a perfect place to take pictures. If you want to go for a short stroll, go to Vojan Park or Petrin Hill.


  1. See a Classical Concert at the Municipal House Hall

Did someone mention Art Nouveau? Municipal House Hall is the perfect example how architecture from the beginning of 20th century can also be great. Originally built as an administrative center, this amazing hall is also home to the largest concert hall in the city, also known as Smetana Hall. The interior of this place is amazing with its stained glass windows, paintings, and other works from famous Czech artists. Today, Municipal House Hall houses a number of classical concerts in Smetana Hall. The most important event of the year is the Prague Spring music festival which is held on May 12th. Visitors can book guided tours in several languages, but the best way to enjoy this spectacular landmark is to go see a concert or check out the on-site restaurants and bars.


  1. Visit the Dancing House

One of the most beautiful buildings in the city is the Dancing House from the 20th century. Created by the famous architect Valdo Milunic and his Canadian colleague Frank Gehry, the Dancing House features amazing structure with static as well as dynamic elements included. Many people say how it reminds them of a male dancer holding a female dancer in his arms.  The bad news is that this a private office building and the only part of the building that can be accessed by tourist and locals is the restaurant on the 7th floor.

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