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10 Things to do in Rome

Full of historical sites and iconic landmarks, Rome is definitely a bucket list city for everyone right in their mind. The great thing about this amazing city is that sightseeing options are endless, so don’t expect to get it over with in one day. To make things easier and save you some time, here is a list of best 10 things to do while in Rome.


  1. Colosseum

Known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, The Roman Colosseum is located east of the Roman Forum and once was home to many gladiator fights. With the arrival of Christianity, the gladiator games were forbidden. Today, guided tours are available for $15 and the Colosseum represents one of the most visited historical landmarks in the city.


  1. Pantheon

Originally built as a temple to seven deities, The Pantheon is one of the oldest buildings in the world and has been in continuous use ever since it was built. It is considered to be the most copied work throughout the history, and even the famous Michelangelo spoke about this building and stated how this was work of angels.


  1. Trevi Fountain

Inspired by Roman triumphal arches, the famous Trevi fountain is almost 30 meters high and is the biggest fountain in Rome. It is a tradition to throw in a coin into the water, meaning the visitor will return to Rome. The fountain was cleaned up to a sparkling white color and is one of the top tourist sightseeing spots in the city.


  1. Spanish Steps

Well-known for its butterfly design, the Spanish Steps are one of many cool tourist spots in the city and an amazing example of the Baroque style. 138 steps connect the upper piazza Trinita dei Monti with the lower Piazza di Spagna. The stairs take their name from Piazza di Spagna and they are a perfect place for many tourists to sit down and eat ice cream in summer. The fountain which is located at the foot of the Spanish Steps was created by Pietro Bernini.


  1. Roman Forum

The most important forum in ancient Rome, The Roman Forum is situated between the Capitoline Hills and the Palatine. It was once the scene of public meetings and gladiatorial fights. After this, it became a center for religious ceremonies and other spectacles.  Don’t leave Rome without checking out some of the surviving structures, such as the Temple of Castor and Pollux, the Mamertine Prison, and the Temple of Romulus.


  1. Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums is a large complex composed of several collections. They are located in the Vatican City and include numerous museums, such as the Sistine Chapel and much more. Visitors who want to visit some of these amazing historical buildings should prepare for a long day of sightseeing and explore hundreds of galleries, sculptures, and frescoes.


  1. Piazza Navona

The most elegant central square in Rome, Piazza Navona with its mansions, fountains, and street artists is known to be one of the most popular attractions in Rome. Paved in the 15th century, this Piazza was once the city’s main market. The tallest building is the Palazzo Pamphilj that was built in the 17th century for Pope Innocent X. Today, it houses the Brazilian Embassy.


  1. Palatine Hill

One of the seven hills in Rome, The Palatine hill stands above the Roman Forum and is one of the most ancient parts of the city. Here, the first settlers had their huts, under the supervision of Romulus. Later on, the hill turned into a residential area. Caligula was murdered here by the members of his guard. Today, guided tours tell the story of this hill are available throughout the year.


  1. Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

A part of four patriarchal basilicas in Rome, Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore was built in the 5th century. It was altered several times throughout the history. The exterior of this place is decorated with mosaics from the 13th century and the central image represents the coronation of the Virgin Mary. The floor of the basilica is the finest example of Cosmati paving from the 12th century.


  1. Galleria Borghese

Galleria Borghese is one of the most visited museums in Rome. It is housed in a lovely 17th-century villa and offers 20 rooms full of art collections and antiques. Make sure to check out the Bernini sculptures at the Galleria Borghese Park, but keep in mind that reservations are needed.

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