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10 Things to do in Seattle

Rich in culture and known for its laid-back vibe, Seattle is the largest city in Washington State and as some like to say “the coffee capital of the US”. It’s transformation from a small industrial center to a lively modern city is amazing and inspiring to other cities in the country. Of course, Seattle features plenty of sightseeing options including parks, beaches, museums, and historical landmarks. Check out our list of top 10 things to do in Seattle.


  1. Chihuly Garden and Glass

Dedicated to the famous glass artists Dale Chihuly and his career, Chihuly Garden, and Glass is located right beneath the amazing Space Needle. The main attraction is definitely the Glasshouse, a glass and steel structure which is 40-feet tall. It covers nearly 5,000 square feet and features a giant sculpture. The artwork looks different during the day and night due to the color palette.


  1. Pike Place Market

Spread across two floors and open ever since 1907, Pike Place Market is a downtown public market in Seattle. This farmers market is home to numerous vendors who offer a variety of local produce including fruit, meats, vegetables, cheese, and seafood. There are also a couple of flower and handicraft stalls at the Pike Place Market. Go on a guided tour of the market and hear about the history of this place


  1. Boeing Factory Tour

Go on a behind-the scenes tour of the Boeing Factory and how future commercial aviation is going to look. The tour includes a ride to a factory in Everett from where you can see how Boeing’s airplanes are assembled. Visitors will also have an opportunity to hear about the history of Boeing. The last part of the tour includes a visit to the Future of Flight Center which offers a flight simulator, interactive exhibits, and touch-screen computer from which you can digitally design your own airplane. The tour lasts for 90 minutes and is conducted in English language.


  1. The First Starbucks Coffee Store

Located close to the Pike Place Market, the First Starbucks Coffee Store is a one of the most popular tourist attractions in Seattle. It features a cozy interior with no seats, just a counter space where you can stand and drink your coffee. There are a couple of framed mementos and the original Starbucks menu inside. The original Starbucks site is usually crowded with tourists taking pictures, but it’s still a nice place to visit while in the city.


  1. Space Needle

One of the most famous attractions in the city, Space Needle was built for the World’s Fair in 1962. This 605 feet tall observation tower pretty much looks like a spaceship from the future and is open daily. The elevator ride to the observation deck lasts for less than a minute and costs around $20 per person. If you want to have a meal at the top of the Space Needle, go to the SkyCity restaurant. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes including mocha braised short ribs, ranch steak tartare, basil risotto, and asparagus flatbread.


  1. Kerry Park

One of the most picturesque places in Seattle with views of the Central City and Elliot Bay, Kerry Park is one of the must-visit sightseeing spots in the city. Go for a short stroll and look at the ferries as they are crossing the Elliot Bay. Many locals say how sunset views at Kerry Park are amazing and that the skyline behind the Space Needle is fantastic.


  1. Washington State Ferries

Washington State Ferries in Seattle are a popular tourist attraction and cruise all around Puget Sound. If you wish to see how the city looks from a boat, make sure to purchase a ticket and go on a ride for just $7. Go to Pier 52 right on the downtown Seattle waterfront to board the ferry and get off in a small town of Winslow. There you will find several restaurants and small quiet coffee shops where you can unwind with a drink or two.


  1. The Museum of Flight

One of the best and most visited museums in Seattle, the Museum of Flight is a perfect tourist attraction for families with children. Make sure to check out the original airplane factory from Boeing, the Red Bard which offers numerous exhibitions. There is also the American presidential airplane, which is an older version of Air Force One.


  1. Museum of Pop Culture

Designed by the world-famous architect Frank O. Gehry, Museum of Pop Culture is one of the most visited museums in the city. It features a number of educational programs, collections, and exhibitions which are dedicated to the ideas of the pop culture. Visitors will have a chance to hear about the history of the band Nirvana and listen to stories about Jimi Hendrix when he was living in Seattle. You can even play an instrument in the interactive Sound Lab.


  1. Sky View Observatory

The 902-feet tall Sky View Observatory is located on the 73rd floors of the Columbia and offers panoramic views of the city and the surrounding areas.  It is the tallest building in the area and from the top of the observatory, you can see the Olympic Mountains, Cascade Mountains, Elliot Bay, Safeco Field, Space Needle, and Mt. Rainier. Unwind with a drink at the Sky View Café and see a Washington State Ferry passing by.


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